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Doorstep Execution

Implementation of CRM / ERP software is one of the major challenge in any industry & for any software vendor as well. As per ZDNews report 68% of any ERP / CRM or software implementation fails.

Major cause of this implementation failure is because of poorly managed change management i.e. people management.

  • No proper technology road map has been created for the organization
  • Lack of clarity & business benefit which will be achieved by implementing ERP/CRM in the organization
  • ERP/CRM is implemented ONLY to reduce the cost of operations
  • Trying to do everything & anything with no proper planning
  • Lack of ACTIVE involvement of owner or senior management in the project
  • Implementation is left to employees with no regular follow up
  • Organization is not prepared for the big change, the way they are working currently will change dramatically. This causes major resistance in the implementation from employees.
  • Improper or NO training to employees on new process
  • No proper allocation of quality time to employee & asked to take responsibility along with their current responsibilities

EVA Software has mastered the implementation after implementing it for more than 100 clients. We have proven implementation methodology & processes in place to implement the ERP for you. Experience & proven template makes faster & rapid ROI.