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Robust Technology And Platform

EVA Software Solutions provides a very robust IT platform based Google Cloud Services. Amongst its various cloud-based products, Google app engine has become quite popular. The app engine is a Cloud-based platform, is quite comprehensive and combines infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS).

Google assures continuous operation with very low downtime, failure rate, variability, and very high insensitivity to a continually changing external environment. Google App Engine is a development as well as a hosting platform that powers everything from big businesses web application to mobile games, using the same infrastructure that powers Google’s worldwide-scale web applications.

Google provides 24x7 operations & risk of business continuity due to hard disk failure, server crash, virus are completely eliminated. Also ageing of the hardware is taken care by the google automatically.

The app engine supports the delivery, testing and development of software on demand in a Cloud computing environment that supports millions of users and is highly scalable. Google extends its platform and infrastructure to the Cloud through its app engine.

Robust Designing Of The Software

Any successful ERP needs a very robust design & it should be scalable, up-gradable & expandable based on the market & technology trends. In recent years’ technology & communication is changing rapidly. This has created a very high opportunity for industries to leverage technology & increase customer experience.

EVA Software Solutions designs & develops all the software's considering customer at the centric. Entire designing is done by a experts who have worked with industries for long & understands industry pain points, current status & what innovation would be required to drive the industry to the next level.

Robust Implementation Strategy

The IT strategy defines how information technology and business applications will innovate and support business processes in the most cost effective, future proof and reliable way possible.

Our strategy implementation services bridge the gap between your business strategy and its implementation. We achieve this by aligning critical business processes and by supporting those processes with both strategic and operational information systems. We adjust processes, organization, data and systems so that they contribute to the business goals and strategy. Apart from this we ensure faster ROI by having objective based implementation where you implement & automate entire business functions in steps. Pick the up one which is most valuable & may provide large result immediately first & then followed by others. This way implementation is successful & faster.

Google App Engine

Strong & robust Google Platform gurantees Virtualy no down time

Java Language

Java Language Supported with GWT

Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Browser to support multiple OS Platforms

Any time, Any where,Anything

No Down Time, Faster, OS Friendly (iOS, Android, Windows Compatible)