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EVA Software Solutions offer industry-specific ERP & CRM solutions, which provide a tailored software to run company industry-specific business processes. This software has been developed with the help of industry experts, after working with so many clients. To help define the requirements of individual industry sectors, industry solution maps were created in cooperation with industry-specific experts & user groups. Industry software suits & meets industry requirement far better than generic software. Industry specific provide are more success & implementation is also faster. Therefore, return on investment is better & Faster.

Having generic software, result in disintegrated systems - one For each business process. With this operatonal challenges become prominent once the organization become big. Integrating several system become bigger challenge.

On the other hand industry specific solution provide comprehensive end to end software to meet all the requirements. Software company enhances the feature of the software keeping industry in mind & can make a big difference. Changing industry trends can be adapted faster. In long run it is better to select industry specific software to run your business compare to generic.